All of the lights

I'm happy to report despite the cold, the flu, and the TSA we made it through our Eurotrip and home relatively intact! This post will be dedicated entirely to our first stop: Tromso, Norway. Why did two naive sun-lovers decide Norway in December was an excellent idea? Bucket lists. We both had the Northern Lights on … Continue reading All of the lights

Don’t look down

Technically, I don't consider myself afraid of heights. It's the process of getting there that gives me the heebie jeebies. When I travel around D.C. on our illustrious public transport, I can't look up or down the mile-high escalator lest I decide my step is an adequate place to sit. So you can imagine my … Continue reading Don’t look down

Mind the gap

I might have to cheat with my first few blog posts: while the countdown clock to my European travels ticks away, right now the highlight of my day is successfully brewing chai in the office's industrial coffee machine. (This thing requires a mechanical engineering degree to operate; google Flavia 500 if you're skeptical). In lieu of … Continue reading Mind the gap

*waving hand emoji*

Today, I woke up in my bed in the D.C. suburbs. A month from now, that bed will be a 10-person bunk room at a hostel in Bucharest. Here's my attempt at chronicling the adventures in-between and beyond.