Istanbul Lite

If you’re shocked that I found myself back in Istanbul this past weekend, please refer to thisthisthis, and this. My love for Turkey knows no bounds, and I am lucky enough to have a friend who was gung-ho to visit it with me! She had never been, so I put on my tour guide hat and off we went!

First stop on our four day whirlwind tour: dinner and drinks with a few close friends who work in the country. Now don’t get me wrong, I do love me some Turkish food, but I had been on a low carb diet for weeks before this trip and the opportunity to inhale a giant burger was too good to pass up. We did some damage on local specialities later, much to the detriment of the beginnings of my abs. Worth it though!

Friday was as much of Istanbul as I could stuff in our waking hours. We crammed the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Grand Bazaar, and Ortakoy into the walk of a lifetime! My step count was ludicrous. Naturally, everywhere was absolutely stunning and stupidly hot. Liz tried her first kahvalti, which made my heart so very happy, and her first kumpir, which made both our stomachs so very sad. The baked potato does not mess around. But once again… worth it! (Probably).

The next day was just what our weak legs desired: 8 hours lounging on a yacht in the Bosphorus. Merits are self-explanatory. Side note, the concept of ‘soda water’ is precarious in Istanbul. Would not recommend to a friend, lest you find yourself forced to drink vodka with a chaser that is certainly not chasing anything.

Sunday was recoup and recovery. Liz and I hammamed it up, during which I bid farewell to my tan as the lady attending me scrubbed off my first epidermal layer. $40 for someone to bathe me, exfoliate me, wash my hair, give me an oil massage, facial mask, and head massage. Bless you, exchange rate! Coming back to London’s obscene prices has been real rough. But after two more stellar Turkish meals, come back we had to. I already miss it, and while I can’t speak for Liz, I know she now craves Turkish coffee like the dickens. Will I be back soon? Evet, as soon as the ole bank account hits the green again!

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