Jolly Old England

Spring has sprung in the wilds of London! This weekend, temperatures hit a balmy 70 degrees – just in time for the royal wedding. Not that any of the British folks I know cared a whit, of course. No day off, after all. Thankfully, the tourists were lured out to Windsor for the day, leaving the rest of London relatively in peace. In my quest to revitalize my Vitamin D intake, a few friends and I took the opportunity to travel into the wilds of Isabella Plantation, a bastion of color in the grey of London.

My bestie here, Liz, learned through the grapevine that the famous azaleas at the Plantation were in bloom for just a couple weeks. Being total suckers for flowers, we hustled on down for a picnic and photography sesh. Who knew London was capable of such color! And sunshine!

We are obviously Very Serious Masters Students, as you can see.

On the off chance I am not gainfully employed upon my return to the homeland (which, given my recent truly terrible interview streak, is entirely likely), at least I can try my hand at portraiture. If I do say so myself, for one cheapo camera, these came out not half bad! I bet they would look even better edited, but ain’t nobody got money for Photoshop. Apologies to my undergrad photography professor, who had a strict “no flowers” submission policy. These were too good to resist!

Liz is hella good at camera work too, so I even came away with a couple fun shots! Also, they are proof positive I’m not a total library hermit. Never mind I am presently typing this from the library. Stay tuned for more of my English adventures, especially now that I’m warm and cheerful post-winter blues!

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