One Hella(s) New Year’s!

“This is the coldest winter we’ve had in years.” Thank you, Greek hostel receptionist, for those uplifting words post-Romania. At least I could feel my toes!

I don’t think we could have celebrated New Year’s anywhere better, or in better company – it was here we met with Jack’s family, and for me, it was the first time meeting them! Since I am the epitome of grace and charm (I can already see Jack rolling his eyes), I think it went alright. We had marvelous exploration luck; the Acropolis was near empty, the streets were lively moreso with locals than tourists, and the food was positively… divine. (Geddit geddit?!)

New Year’s Eve was nothing short of magical. Our view from the hotel roof featured an Acropolis lit with fireworks, revelers dancing in the streets, and only the remnants of lingering illness!


The view didn’t suck.

The next day put all our travelers’ gumption to the test. We hopped on a ferry to a nearby island and found a taxi driver to take us to a trail relatively far from the port. It was a marvelous hike: we traversed rocky slopes covered in brush, olives, ruins, and bumbling goats (so quaint!). Safe to say, I got my steps in – especially when we realized we might have to walk all the way back to the ferry port! Turns out, taxis were in scarce supply outside the main tourist area. If it had just been me, I’m positive I would have had to walk the whole way (what cars we did see zoomed right on by), but Jack’s travel luck cancels mine out so we successfully hitched a ride for the last couple kilometers! I do love me some hitchhiking.

January 2nd was a long day – we woke up in Greece but spent midnight in Serbia. Since our layover in Belgrade was close to 12 hours, we thought we’d see some of the city. I suppose the only real thought I have to contribute here is the city was quite shapely.


And that’s the end of Euroventure 2016/17! Final word of advice: invest in Global Entry, lest your travel companion has to wait an HOUR for you to clear customs/immigration… not naming any names Jack.

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