Busing to Budapest: A Survival Guide

At least this time, I had my passport.

  1. Decide that you, a broke ass college grad, should travel between two major cities during arguably the biggest holiday of the year.
  2. Mourn your bank account.
  3. YOLO! But not too much. Google “cheap ways to travel from Vienna to Budapest” because the internet would never steer you wrong.
  4. Flights and trains are booked and/or cost approx your firstborn child. But that one sketchy bus company’s price is looking hella reasonable…
  5. A hundred euros less than the next option? Sold.
  6. Momentary self-reflection: why?
  7. Promptly push aside reasonable doubt. There are deals to be had!
    1. But have your significant other buy the tickets. Just in case.
  8. The non-refundable tickets have been purchased! Now you may google the reviews.
    1. The bus never showed up.
    2. Total scam!
    3. Never book this company!
    4. My experience was perfectly adequate.
  9. Cling to the one okay review and pray to your (nonexistent) travel luck.
  10. You’ve committed. You’re at the bus stop, bleary-eyed and dragging along your indisposed boyfriend. An unmarked bus rolls up; hurrah! “Budapest?!” You exclaim breathlessly, shocked it actually arrived. A single nod; the driver does not speak English. No worries.
  11. You celebrate, entirely too soon.
  12. Not 30 minutes from your destination, the bus heaves a heavy sigh, dies, and strands you in a foreign gas station. Back up bus? Who knows when. Refund? Lol. Taxi? You broke.
  13. Desperate times. Approach the nearest friendly stranger, doe-eyed hapless traveler mode on high, and ask for a ride. You’ll take potential axe murderer over rural Hungarian gas station any day.
  14. It’s squished, awkward, and incredibly free: you’ve successfully hitch-hiked to your destination! Don’t tell the folks until well after your trip.

Worth it!

(Bonus points if you haul said indisposed boyfriend all over the city, no breaks. Jackpot if your next stop is even colder and gloomier and more likely to kill him!)


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